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Premier Medical Practice Serving Southern California

Men's Sexual Health & Medical Weight Loss

Angeles Health and Wellness partnering with Rise Medical is a cutting edge Medical Practice providing World Class personalized medical care tailored to your specific needs at your convenience. We focus on providing comprehensive men's sexual health and medical weight loss. Founded on the belief that healing happens from the inside out and encompasses the whole body! We take the time to listen to your concerns, symptoms, and history, and believe that this information will guide us to find and treat the root cause, not just symptoms. 

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Many Americans struggle with their weight. In fact 74% of Americans or overweight or obese. Diet and exercise are important but if your hormones are not balanced, it will not work. We provide a thorough screening and exam with a tailored success story. 

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Increase your mood, sex drive, and energy with Testosterone and Hormone Evaluation and treatment which can include replacement tailored specifically for you!  Don't wait until it affects your sexual life, those are the LAST symptoms! Take our Low T quiz to see some of the early symptoms of low Testosterone.

Serving the Greater LA & Orange County Areas
and the Sunny state of Florida via Telehealth


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