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What To Expect

Online Meeting

1. FREE Initial Telehealth Visit

Discuss your symptoms, medical history, and goals of treatment online with a U.S.-licensed medical provider for evaluation. 

Paperbag Takeaway

4. Discrete Medication Shipping

Your medications will be shipped directly to you for self administering in discrete packaging to maintain your privacy. A provider will teach you how to administer the medication properly prior to starting.

Blood Test

2. Laboratory Testing

You will have a thorough laboratory analysis done to tailor your treatment plan. You can have this done at a local laboratory (billed to your insurance if desired). We also offer mobile visits so  that your labs can be drawn by our experienced staff.

Doctor's Visit

5. Follow Up Appointments

We will schedule follow up labs and appointments to ensure the treatment is working as planned or we will adjust the treatment as needed to meet all of your needs and expectations.

Smiling Doctor Sitting Behind Desk

3. Your Appointment

You will then meet with the provider either via telehealth or live in person, whatever option is most convenient for you, to discuss your personalized treatment plan. Your total treatment plan will be written out for you at your first provider visit after your symptoms, history, and labs have been evaluated.

Couple with Mobile Phone

6. Ongoing Care

Send a text or email message or call to schedule a follow-up appointment any time to discuss any other questions or concerns. We will also schedule regular follow-ups to check on your progress and tailor your treatment plan. 

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Serving the Greater LA & Orange County Areas

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