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Is sleep really that important?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

In today's modern society, there are lots of things to do… I’m talking fill your schedule 24/7 with things to do… This is why most of us are walking around feeling stretched to the max and like it’s impossible to complete everything.

It is not unusual for many individuals to go to bed after midnight and then wake up way too early every day to try and fit everything in.

You may think that it is not a big deal… but burnout aside, poor quality sleep leads to poor quality health!

So let’s take a peek at the significance of having quality sleep for our overall health.

Numerous aspects of sleep are still undiscovered at present, even though experts have been engaged in many different scientific studies for decades. Clearly, sleep has long been a mystery. Even so, there are a few facts to convince you that sleep is an important activity.

Simply have a look at a young child. When it happens to be the time for him/her to take a nap, soon you will have to deal with problems since the child will start conducting unpleasant things. Having said that, after getting a short nap, he/she will get back in action, raring to go. In reality, the same also happens for older people when they have sleep deprivation.

Some pretty important processes take place during sleep.

A bodily chemical that influences growth, cell reproduction, and regeneration in humans is issued while you are getting good sleep. This hormone is very essential during the growth period of children. This clarifies the reason babies require sleep so many hours every day. HGH, or human growth hormone, is at the same time used for the restoration of tissue structure that is the reason older people need eight hours of sleep every night for their bodies to get the rest they need to repair and re-energize.

Besides issuing HGH, while sleeping other important processes also take place. A system that protects against disease, for example, is affected by the quality of your sleep. Simply put, the body's defense mechanism will not function normally in case you have sleep deprivation. It has also been known that acquiring a sufficient amount of sleep is important for an individual who wants to manage his weight.

In essence, the significance of sleep cannot be emphasized enough.

Lack of sleep has unwanted side effects on your physical and mental condition such as finding it hard to concentrate and to make reasonable judgments. This can put you into a dangerous situation, especially when you must react to something extremely fast.

As just stated, sleep can be viewed as a critical activity for developing and rebuilding. It is needed to regain the energy that has been worn out all day. If you have quality, sound sleep, you will acquire an adequate amount of energy to carry out the new day's tasks.

Even so, bear in mind that the amount of sleep you need have may not be equal to others. Just make sure you always get the full amount of sleep required. If not, your system will begin asking for it.

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