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Treatment Talk: The Top 3 Treatments for Low Testosterone

Andropause is the counterpart of menopause which is at times (not so lovingly) referred to as “male menopause.” It is a type of hormonal change where testosterone levels drop and can make a guy feel less than awesome...

The top 3 treatments for low testosterone

It is commonly experienced by men in midlife, which may start as early as thirty-five or as late as sixty-five. Once a man’s production of testosterone level goes down, it will bring significant change to a man’s life. Depending on how a male individual will react to the situation, it may be an advantage or a disadvantage for him.

There is one fact though that will be inevitable – bothersome symptoms. For you to be able to successfully go through the “andropause stage,” you need to know how to treat the said condition.

Change in lifestyle.

The food you eat, what your healthy (or not-so-healthy) lifestyle looks like, the social activities you have, and essentially your day-to-day activities are all vital factors that can contribute to the way your body will respond to andropause.

Therefore, studies show that in order for you to combat the symptoms of andropause, you need to establish a healthy lifestyle. By doing so, you can relieve some of the symptoms of dropping testosterone levels. By choosing the food you consume more carefully, you can help ward off further emotional and physical exhaustion. Foods that contain too much caffeine can heighten nervousness a common symptom of low testosterone levels, so you'll want to avoid excessive amounts.

Regular exercise should also be taken into account since during andropause, sudden weight gain can be experienced. Additionally, regular movement will help your emotional well-being too since it triggers the release of feel-good endorphins.

You might also consider being more selective with your social activities since a drop in testosterone can trigger frustrating bouts of insomnia. Sleep is very important to your health, so carefully choosing how you spend your evenings and late nights should become a priority for you if you want to lessen the severity of Low-T Symptoms.

Going Herbal

Along with establishing a healthy lifestyle, you may try herbs as a form of treatment for Low-T Symptoms. There were clinical studies conducted in Europe that confirm success on andropause treatments with the use of herbs.

Helpful herbs include: saw palmetto, avena sativa, eurycoma longifolia and tribulus terrestris. It's always a good idea to talk to a licensed medical professional before incorporating any new supplement into your diet.

Medical Treatment

Minor medical treatment for Low-T is extremely common and includes oral treatments to stabilize testosterone levels. Other options include testosterone injections since users find them quick and effective. Another option for boosting testosterone levels is through the use of transdermal patches which are placed on the skin or a natural testosterone gel may be also be used.

There are plenty of medically administered approaches to regaining normal testosterone levels. Testosterone replacement therapy is an alternative treatment to combats Low-T where blood tests are done to determine the amount of testosterone needed for it to return to a normal level.

The type of treatment that's best for you depends on your personal preference and how responsible you are in undertaking the treatment option you have decided on. However, it is best to discuss your desired treatment options with your physician since having too much testosterone level is also an unhealthy approach.

If you want to overcome Low-T and Andropause, you need to start with yourself. Acknowledge that you are going through it and decide you’re going to do something about it.

If you are ready to talk to a medical professional about your vitality and health (and get back to feeling like yourself again), book your FREE confidential telehealth consultation here.

Looking for more information about Low Testosterone, symptoms, therapy, and more? Download our free guide here so you can make an informed decision about the right path for you.


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